Independent Appraisal
of Structural Damage
Fortbildung: Erkennen, Sanieren Vermeiden von Schimmelpilzen in Innenräumen
   Gutachten Gebäudeschäden
Expert Appraisals Beratung beim Kauf von Immobilien Advisory Services freischaffender Architekt seit 1984 more than 30 years professional experience in the branch
Beratung beim Kauf von Immobilien Expert Appraisals and Advisory Services for buying houses, owner-occupied flats, conversions

Beratung beim Kauf von Immobilien
  Planning to build or buy a house?
The property market might be popular and widely talked about but it can be a something of a mystery. One in three Germans buy their own flat or house once in their lifetime. But buying property is a very complicated issue involving many different fields of interest so potential buyers are confronted with a great many issues they have never dealt with before or had to deal with and they need a huge amount of information. This is where my many years of solid experience as an architect and independent expert could prove of benefit to you as a future home owner.
on-site inspections

  Services: on-site inspections, assessment of current condition, lists of defects, inspection of house construction files, talks with public authorities, procurement/compilation of property data and assessments ... and much more.
Gebäudethermografie: schnelle Analyse von thermischen Schwachstellen am Gebäude   The latest service - Thermographic Surveying!
Pinpointing thermal bridges, leakages, mapping of floor heating etc. rates on request
  Gutachten Gebäudeschäden Independent Expert for assessing damage to buildings - Private and Court Expertise
Schimmelpilze und Algen im fortgeschrittenen Stadium
Wärmebrücke an einem Fenster,
Folge: Algenbildung und


Perhaps your flat or cellar is showing signs or damp, or you have water damage or mould is creeping over your walls.
You need an expertise on the damage for your insurance, your housing administration or landlord ...

Frequently asked questions here are:
What does an independent expertise cost?
How can the damage be dealt with so that it won't reoccur and how much will this cost?

You will be given expert advice on all these issues before you make a commitment.

Schimmelpilzbefall an einer Raumecke der Außenwand   Physical Building Conditions Favouring Growth of Mould
Excerpts from a legal expertise (2006)
Example: a case of mould infestation in a rented apartment: Is this due to structural deficiencies in the building or incorrect behaviour on the part of the tenant?
PDF Download (363 KB)
starke Durchfeuchtung einer Kelleraußenwand   Rehabilitation and Reconditioning

Don't leave major building projects on your house solely in the hands of the builders. You need to call in an expert when it comes to complex rehabilitation measures like drying damp cellar walls or freeing your flat from mould infestation.

A personal consultation can be the first step in the right direction.

Attention!  Avoiding shoddy building work means making long-term savings!
starke Rissbildung und Bruch der Fensterbank aus Naturstein  
Abdichten eines Ziegeldaches mit Bauschaum ist ein Verstoß gegen die Regeln.   Avoiding shoddy building work means making long-term savings!

Energy Conservation
Deutsche Energie-Agentur

Zukunft Haus
  Thinking about energy-saving, environmentally friendly heating for your flat or house in line with the German EnEV Energy-Saving Regulation?
Do you want to link your conversion with measures that cut your power costs?
You'd like new thermal insulation for the facade or roof and aren't sure how to go about it?

Information on the EnEV and the EU Energy Certificate (Energiesparausweis)?
Energy Saving Tips
  Ratgeber - Tipps  Useful Tips
  Fachliteratur  Reference Books
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